30 April 2008

In today's musical news, I am working on a mosaic out in the shed (which I am loving and almost finished with and will post pictures when I'm done and which you could BUY if you wanted to) and listening to the slew of old records that we've kept around for sentimental reasons. When I first transitioned from horrors of music like Tiffany, and Debbie Gibson, I discovered amongst my parents music collection some real gems. I felt like I was awakening from a deep pre-teen fog of hairspray, sun-in, and lip gloss. Thank goodness music is powerful enough to yank a knot in your chain when you stray (or the other way around), but I digress... Amongst the fine collection of my parents were a couple of albums that I still have: Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol 2 (still my favorite today, and you HAVE to watch this video from la ciudad de Mexico), loads of Beatles and Led Zeppelin albums, and a Grateful Dead (my first). I have been reminiscing with Velvet Underground & Paul Simon. I can't wait to grout to Nina Simon and Aretha on the turn table. It is as so very peaceful and serene out in the shed as I listen to the cracking of the LP's while strategically placing rocks and broken glass on a used coffee table.


Shug said...

I cannot believe that you still have those albums. The rest of the world has moved on---including me. I also cannot believe that you provided links to Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and even Sun-in. (You and Shannon/enough said.) I can't wait to see the table. Should I put my bid in now? Oh wait, the point is to make some money AND to stop passing our "stuff" back and forth. Much love.

emily the mom said...

oh my. mosaic-ing to vinyl? thats almost as romantic
as concert-ing with my husband.

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

dude, i still listen to debbie gibson. ahem. i guess that doesn't surprise you.