10 April 2008

Electric light still struck like arrows, fired but for the ones

Recently, as a TVA customer, I went here to fill in an online energy survey. If you are TVA customer, you HAVE to do this, if nothing else for the free box of goodies that came to our house a couple of weeks later. This weekend I was giddy with excitement when it arrived. In the box were 2 florescent light bulbs, 2 low flow water faucet attachments, foam pads to insulate behind our electrical outlets, and a little whistle contraption that tells me when my air filter needs to be replaced (which we haven't even been using lately thanks to all this nice weather we've been having!)It was sort of like this, but free. ALL FREE! I know you've been dying to know, but our daily energy usage is down by an average of 7 kilowatts a day this month! Yipeeeee. Now go save the planet.
PS. Did you know that Bob Dylan doesn't have one song that includes the word energy?!!

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