29 September 2010

Look out across the fields, see me returning....

Hello everyone! I have been in a tornado of change with teaching, and packing lunches, and being away from the home until 5:00 in the evening. We then rush to soccer practice (see below) or dinner with friends and family. Or sleeping.

Or adopting a new doggie.
Or selling hoola-hoops with an awesome mama friend at a music festival.

Or standing in awe of marigolds that are growing taller than the house.
We've been busy making a Just My Mommy and Me book written and illustrated by Eli.
He painted a picture of me. See above. Don't I look happy?
We also attended a fall festival wherein the kids played laser tag (which I HATED, but they loved) and got to put on a Velcro suit and jump up and stick on it in crazy ways..
They also got crazy hair. Eli pretended this week that he had blue skin, too.

You know that big tree in the backyard with the tire swing? Well, part of it fell and we now have TONS of firewood to burn in the fire pit. What perfect fall timing!

And still, our time is spent at the soccer field with three of my boys playing now, we are at the field full time.

And, I turned 34 with an amazing night of music in our quaint city.