29 November 2007

Our Traditions

I have to admit that I check my own blog every once in while almost expecting that something has changed miraculously, and then realize that I am the only one that changes it!

Per a discussion with some friends, I began to ponder our families tried and true holiday routine. Like Evan's family can't have a Christmas without Angel bubble, cocktail shrimp and piles of no-bake cookies. Before Sunny (my grandmother) passed away several years ago, I guess we were pretty set in our way, as well. When you have kids it seems only natural to start building your own traditions. Evan and I really haven't yet done that. We swap families every other year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. What seems like such a simple concept often gets mired in conflict as we debate whose Christmas it is, and what that means for us schedule wise. When do we "do" Christmas with everyone else? So for a couple of weeks, I racked my brain trying to invent a tradition with the kids, or even conjure some constant. I have concluded that having the same food every year or even being in the same place is an idealistic and for us an unrealistic goal. Our tradition is change, travel, and flexibility. Evan and I have always been like that anyway, and somehow I forgot and started to get all wrapped up in mimicking what I thought was expected. I was actually stressed about Christmas and Thanksgiving because I couldn't please everyone, and that is certainly not the holiday spirit. So, here's to accepting our old traditions of staying flexible and being willing to get in the car and just drive.

20 November 2007

Green Quest

I am sincerely trying to lesson my impact and make better consumer choices this year. I have been inspired by friends and my recent readings to evaluate my daily life and decisions. In some ways, I cannot completely convert to leading a %100 perfectly eco-friendly life style because we are also economically challenged. I cannot, for example, run out and by a new Hybrid car nor can I afford to throw out working light bulbs to replace them with these. But, I can do small things. As I ponder what changes can be made, I realize that many times things that are good for the Earth happen to be good for our pocket book as well. The simple creed to consume less rings in my head. As I feel led, I will share with you my ideas and findings. For example, all my Christmas presents this year will be wrapped in Ollie and Eli's work that is sent home from pre-school. It is both colorful and delightful, and my word they pile it on. :)

17 November 2007

The Turkey's getting fat

And I am pondering consumerism and my footprint. How WILL my Christmas gifts affect the planet? How do I balance a single income household with environmentalism, caring for my friends and family, and being a responsible earth citizen? Why is plastic crap from China soo cheap? How do I bring joy to my family and friends without feeling guilty about our purchases? Oh my. Target and TJMax were packed today with thrifty shoppers. But who needs the crap you find there?
I come from a family where the motto is the more the better. Definitely quantity is better than quality, and I am starting to rethink those traditions. Ollie, at 3 is talking about getting tons of gifts from Santa, and I ponder our impact and pocket book. How do you balance Santa, the environment, Christ, and the Spirit of giving? I feel stuck in a conundrum of the holidays
PS. I have found kitty footprints on the edge of the toilet. And we let it mellow when yellow. Blech. Don't kiss the cat!

14 November 2007

O's Quote of the day

"Will you still love me if I break something?"
I got very, very serious got right at his eye level and had a discussion about unconditional love.
Parents are the best. No matter what, our children are a part of us. From toddler to teenager to adult, our children become our lives. What an incredible relationship.
Here's thinking of you Lulu.

09 November 2007

Bright Eyes

Was fan-freaking-tastic. We loved it. There was a young, hip crowd drinking soda pops while we guzzled $5 miller lites out of plastic cups. We then wandered back to the hotel and got up at 5:30 to pick up the boys from dads house before him and Kathy had to leave for work. I love these little spontaneous music trips of ours and I couldn't do it with out mom and pop. Thanks guys.

03 November 2007

Missing music

Is something that pains me, yet is an inevitable by product of aging, mothering, working full time, and having one adult member of the family in college. I remember a time when we would go to a show with nickles in our pockets, hope to get tickets when we arrived, and gave little thought to frivolities like food or sleeping arrangements. Once, I pawned our microwave before heading out of town with no intention of buying it back. Oh how times have changed, and I have passed on several things in the past couple of weeks, that I would have liked to see. Like Blues Traveler, Robert Earl Keen, Mothers Acting Up (I know, not music, but money none the less), and the Americana awards.
On a positive note, we ARE going to Birmingham on Wednesday night to see my new favorite, Bright Eyes. Some things are worth the sacrifice.