30 March 2007

I'm back!

(The sunset over El Yunque, Puerto Rico. We really did see a school of dolphins as we neared the mainland.)

What a idealistic Spring Break in every way. I loved Puerto Rico with all of my heart. Every time I travel abroad I want to move immediately to the country, and Puerto Rico was no different. My favorite spot was a little island called Culebra. Here we found no fast food restaurants or billboards and plenty of unspoiled beach and relaxation. I am making a PowerPoint to share with my class about the trip (I know that I am a dork), but I'll post it when I am finished for your viewing pleasure.
The men fared well and the house was still standing when I returned. (Thank you Evan dear, Mom, and Dad from the bottom of my heart.)

View from El Yunque

Visitor at our guesthouse

Above: A blissfully lonesome beach on Culebra
La Playa Graffiti Old San Juan The Spanish cemetery at El Morro

15 March 2007

Viva Puerto Rico

My mom, aunt, and I are San Juan bound Saturday morning. We'll be gone for a week. I plan to do, ahem, professional research (and maybe catch some rays). I'll post pictures and let you know how the boys fared upon return. Stay tuned as I am sure it will be an adventure....

07 March 2007

Phone talk

This week, as my children are out of town, I have spoken with them on the phone several times; once in public. I was at Target minding my own business when I ran into 3 single childless teachers that I work with. About that time, my husband rang to fill me in on bedtimes, eatings, and attitudes. He soon, as is our habit passed the phone to my son. Which is fine, and I love. I love hearing his sweet voice, and he really thinks of funny things to say on the phone, but I can only imagine what I sound like to passers by. A freaking idiot, that’s what. Imagine a high pitched, happy voice, “Hi buddy, what did you do today? Oh you pooped, good job buddy, your such a good boy, oh yes you are…” and the conversation continues as long as the kid sees fit often consisting of random thoughts of play and songs. For some reason, I also feel the need to speak louder than usual when on the phone with him, too. I really don’t do baby talk, but it is definitely a different voice than I use with my husband. When the kids are home, I am very likely to hand the phone to Ollie to let him talk to the caller. I am sure, too that the caller is thinking, acckkk, a conversation with a 3 year old. On the phone….. But, alas, I cannot help myself; I really am amused with his thoughts.

06 March 2007


Is it Garth?? No it's Ollie-O!

If we smile, do we get some ice-cream?

The happiest baby in the world!
Let me just say that I hate portrait studios for no sane reason. Maybe it is my fear of a bad photo of me haunting me the rest of my life. Until recently, I had not even subjected my own children to the experience enough times to suit my relatives, especially my dear mother-in-law. Elijah is nine months old, and this was his first time. And seemingly just to prove my theory right, the portrait studio was a fiasco. The poor “photographer” lady had overbooked, some technology mishap that involved internet booking combined with un-synched call-in booking. Whatever. So there where a ton of customers with small children expecting to be waited on and one lonesome worker. We did get the kid’s pictures taken (after Eli pooped on his outfit). We forced Ollie to, gasp, touch his little brother and we even made him smile about it, all the while the poor sears girl was running back and forth snapping pictures, squeaking ducks, answering the phone, and trying to pacify a fast-food generation of adults. One customer even used her witchiest tone to tell the sears gal, “We are not toddlers. You can’t just wave a feather in our faces to make us happy.” What a nightmare. We left before viewing and ordering our pictures as is the customary practice. The Sears girl was crying, literally from stress. Bless her heart, and gave my mom a free sheet of pricey pictures just for being patient. Here is the end result of a hectic afternoon. They are so sweet; I might be tempted to do it again before too long.

03 March 2007

FREEDOM! and sadness

A couple of weeks ago, Evan marched up to me and proudly proclaimed that he was taking the boys to Oklahoma to visit his parents during his Spring Break. Okay, I said sort of nonchalantly, whatever. And today, he actually did it. I am stunned that it panned out, and more importantly, I have no children for.one. week. How did this happen? What does one do without children?! Once before baby #2, Evan took Ollie to Indiana for a weekend. I found out that weekend that I was pregnant. Other than that, Evan has never taken the children. I honestly don't know that I have had the house all to myself since that weekend. They left promptly at 9 this morning, and 8 hours later, I am clean with clean house and enjoying in addition to the promise of sleep (6 full nights of it) the following:

-All week, I will be able to walk without having crushed up cheerios between my toes.

-There will probably be no hidden boogers on the hand towels.

-I can eat salad and stinky cheese for every meal, if I choose.

More benefits to come....

I do miss these darling faces