29 April 2008

You left me standing in the doorway, crying...

standing diapers + cloth diapers = messy and near bout impossible
So "they" say that standing diaper changes are beneficial for several reasons. "They" say that the child participates more in the process instead of just lying there letting the adults be in charge of the pottying phenomena, that the child is more actively involved in the process. "They" also say that this will ease the transition when it comes to potty training. I like all of these things. But, we also try to use mainly cloth diapers, and putting the two concepts together isn't really that easy. Just throwing that out there. Oh, and for your parenting pleasure, food for thought on disposable diapers:

Cut and pasted below from here:

Eighty percent of the diapering in this nation are done with disposables. That comes to 18 BILLION diapers a year. Each one has an outer layer of waterproof polypropylene and an inner layer of fluff made from wood pulp plus super-slurper sodium polyacrylate that can hold a hundred times its weight in water.
Those 18 billion diapers add up to 82,000 tons of plastic a year and 1.3 million tons of wood pulp -- 250,000 trees. After a few hours of active service these materials are trucked away, primarily to landfills, where they sit, neatly wrapped packages of excrement, entombed undegraded for several hundred years.
It is illegal in most states to dump human waste in landfills. That law is simply unenforced when it comes to diapers. Theoretically they could infest the water leaching out of the dump with bacteria and viruses (polio, hepatitis, dysentery), though that has never been known to happen. Perhaps the other ingredients in leachate are toxic enough to kill human pathogens. Perhaps the diapers are so nondegradable that they don't leak their contents.

** My note--- "They" also say that these damn things take 500 years to biodegrade. I seriously think about this every time I opt to use one. OOOHHH, and plus we bought a box this weekend for back up/ grandparent/ Evan using, and they were $30. Geez....

*** "they" are people that I have heard such things from, but that I am too lazy to search further on the internet about to back up****

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