01 May 2008

An' he just smoked my eyelids and punched my cigarette

I know that I have posted a link to this before, but I didn't mention how cool I think it is. I would never in a billion years want to be a tattler, narc, whiner, moaner, groaner, BUT, I love this website. Am I like Big Brother?? I reported 2 people this week. I am a militant, disgusted, ex-smoker, and I truly believe that if people just realized how many resources and how much money they were wasting, they wouldn't act so trashy.

Here are a few facts (cut and pasted from http://www.stoplitter.org/)

$11,000,000. Yes, you read those zeros right. That's $11 million tax payer dollars our state spends picking up the trash Tennesseans throw down on the ground. That doesn't even count what your city pays to pick up litter in the incorporated areas.

12,000,000 miles are driven each year picking up litter in our state. Think about all the gas that is needed to fuel trucks for litter pick up.

18% of all littered items end up in our streams and waterways as pollution. That means litter in our state travels to other states and eventually ends up in the ocean.

So when you report them:
With the information you provide to us below, we will send a friendly reminder letter to the registered owner of the Tennessee vehicle informing them of the negative consequences of their littering actions and providing them with educational materials. The letter will include information about how to contain their litter and inform them that litterers can be fined up to $1,500.
Now go bust some butts.


Mandy Ray-Jones said...

Hunter won a bright yellow stoplitter shirt!! I think reporting littering weirdos is totally okay. Go you!

Carl said...

I agree littering is a no-no . . . but then you have the paper and fuel used to deliver such letters that said litter-bugs will probably toss out the window!

Tough Mama said...

I know Carl! It's a tough call. I guess it's the teacher in me. I just hope the intervention, the I know, that you know, kind of thing will maybe get their attention.