22 April 2008

I don't do sketches from memory

Lately, I have had the dreaded mom brain. This is the phenomena that takes place I've heard with motherhood and as a colleague confirmed to me today, (a mom herself) that is it scientifically proven. This is the serious case of forgetting things. We used to call them brain farts, but mom brain sounds so much more PC. Sooo, I accidentally emailed someone a long drawn out message, excited that she had contacted my about my summer business, and then the day after realized I had associated her with wrong business. D'Oh. Also, I missed a workshop on immigration at Vanderbilt that I have been looking forward to forever thinking that it was next Monday. Yet another colleague went, wondered where I was, and cleared things up for me this morning. I almost cried. I would have loved to be away from the teenagers for a day to learn more about such a fascinating topic. What I am more nervous about is that these things could come in 3s. What will I forget next?

And a conversation between O-Ray and myself:
Me: I am drawing a picture of something that wears glasses, has a beard, a moustache, wears a hat.....
Ollie: Does it wear pants?
Me: YES!
Ollie: Is it a crab?
Me: D'oh!

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