27 June 2012

Oh, it’s pound down the rails and it’s tie down the tents

 49.  Sleep in a tent.
 50.  Swim in a lake.

51.  Sit around a camp fire. 
These pictures were taken at Tim's Ford.  I can't believe it has been four years since we last came.  The lake is absolutely perfect.  The water was warm, our camp site was secluded, and the kids had a blast.  We didn't do any hiking because the water was so enticing.  Lovely. 

22 June 2012

 42.  Take safety lessons from Grandpa.
43. Spend hours in the back yard building things.  
 44.   Watch the Euro Cup with dad. 
45.  Fall asleep after spending the week at soccer camp. 
46.  Spend evenings on the back porch with the dog and the hooping mom. 

 47.  Go to a river.  Roll in mud.  Make a "human collage."
48.  Hula hoop at the river.  Have a picnic.  Have grandma bring the Bloody Marys. 

16 June 2012

Read books, repeat quotations

37.  Go to an extremely over-crowded public pool with a giant water slide.

38.  Evacuate pool when someone pukes in it.  Wait 30 minutes, and then jump back in confidently when  the teen-age life guards assure you that everything is fine.
39.  Go to a friends house and have a bonfire.
40.  Get eat up by chiggers. Itch like the devil.
41.  Read tons of books

12 June 2012

Starlight by the edge of the creek

34.  Build a dam at a creek with friends.
35.  Attend VBS.
36.  Stay up late catching fireflies. 

07 June 2012

As a bad motorcycle with the devil in the seat

 20. Allow yourself to be amazed by sunflowers all over again.
 21.  Turn 6.  Have a weekend full of parties.
 22.  Go to grandpa's and spend the entire days in the pool.
23.  Swim without floaties.
 24.  Sit on the front porch and swing.  Watch the cars go by.
25.  Eat fried green tomatoes from the garden.
26.  Eat fresh grilled squash from the garden, too.
 27.  Ride rodeo horses with your grandpa.
 28.  Try to touch the clouds.

 29.  Learn to ride the horse by yourself.  (The horse pictured used to be a real live rodeo horse!)

 30.  Reward horse with farmer's market sour apple.
 31.  Visit great grandpas. 
32.  Ride a Harley.
33.  Ride in a car with your brother for hours and hours and hours.  Argue with him.  Laugh with him.  Stop a million times. 

02 June 2012

So I get brown rice, seaweed And a dirty hot dog

16.  Had a cook- out with lots of family
17.  Attended a friends cook- out under the full moon (almost full)
18.  Bought blackberries at the farmer's market and made a cobbler