28 August 2007

Rubber duckies mold and other random observations

I had no idea that rubber duckies, though loveable and iconic, are also disposable at our house. We love them, but as soon as I can see black through the yellow, in the trash they go.
I love silly putty and play with it as if an addict. I won't let the kids touch it. They aren't responsible enough for it, plus it might be chalked full of chemicals and weird stuff. But, me, oh, my, sweet, sweet, putty.
ELI IS WALKING!! There, I have been meaning to post that for 2 weeks or so, and haven't had time.
Everybody is back at school. Ollie LOVES his, and I am happy with his teacher and program. Though, not Montessori, as I would have liked, the program does help prepare him for Kindergarten. Eli is eating, sleeping, and not crying in his class, and I suppose that means he likes it just fine. Neither of the boys have ever done "day care" and this is a huge step for us. I am mostly uncomfortable with the idea, but tend to rationalize and look on the bright side as all work-out-of-the-home moms must do. Evan seems to be digging his classes. He's almost done!!
The entire clan of in-laws is coming for labor day, so I am sure to have stories to tell after Monday, so stay tuned!
I know I owe all my adoring fans a few pictures, and will get to that soon.

21 August 2007

What should 2 southern women be doing at the end of summer?

Canning you say? Ding, ding, ding! What else in 100+ weather! Mom finally helped motivate me to do something with the store house of veggies that have accumulated in the last couple of weeks. We spent all Saturday filling the freezers. We poured cocktails and made salsa, froze green beans, crowder peas, butter beans, squash casserole, and okra ready for frying.We pickled okra (a first for me) and shucked a bushel of corn. I ducked out after that, but mom cored it all, and froze it. Hungry for veggies this winter we shall not be. So, come eat, y'all!

16 August 2007

162 New Children

That's how many students I have at the beginning of this new school year. Due to the under the weather stuff, and the back to school rush, I have neglected my blog.
Ollie is going to Bubba's by himself for the weekend, and I know that they will have a blast.
Evan and I went to a spur of the moment house party/ concert to see Adam Carroll last night. One more reason why I love this town. It was intimate and quiet. Great tunes and good brew.

10 August 2007

Don't kiss your friends

When your nose is runny
You may think its funny,
But itsnot
Snot, snot, snot, everywhere there's snot!
Enough said, I guess. Other than having to watch out for snot trails from baby noses on my work shirts, and not having a voice for my first day of school, and the whole not sleeping thing because the baby can't breathe, not to mention the 100 degree weather. Okay, I'm done.

05 August 2007

Evan's 15 minutes...

Of fame! Look whose pictures showed up on the home page for Nashville State where Evan completed his first 2 years of school. He has been at MTSU for the past year, and will finish with a bachelor's degree in Geo science next May. As we stumble away from summer, and roll up our sleeves for fall we both dread and anticipate the cycle of the school year.