30 December 2008

And I in my armor, turning about

Have I posted pictures yet? Ollie wore this outfit for 2 days straight. Eli got matching armor. We don't do guns in our house, but even golf clubs become swords somehow.. Oh, yeah, they're boys.
Ollie's favorite person in the world. (Well next to Bubba, Papaw, Shug, and Sean.)
Henry Wilson Rayburn making himself at home in our Christmas wreath.
It looks dark in this picture because I may or may not have woken everyone up at 5:30. I was so excited. Also, these balloons were Eli's favorite Christmas toy. He's so easy :)

25 December 2008

And Uncle Remus can't tell you and neither can Santa Claus

This season I have been questioning the whole Santa story and in particular have been wary about the intricate deceit that comes with the mythology. And, last night, laying in bed with a four year old all a twitter with expectation, I changed my mind. I rationalize the lie. As with many, many things in parenthood, I see the parallels in our relationship with Christ. We are to wait for His return, for His gifts, with anticipation and definite hope. Ollie knew and hoped for gifts and a good day, and I too, have been promised many things for which I can expect. I am thankful this morning for many, many people and things. Most of all, I am thankful as my youngest prances around in a new red robe, and the oldest is wearing a shield, sword, and helmet while playing with a rocket ship, and the new dog sunbathes by the window as if he has lived here forever, and the husband snores a little on the couch after being awake already at 9am for 4 hours, that my life this morning really resembles those shows from the '50s or '60s with the crew of boys and happy family. As a minister told me this week, "I have never regretted believing in Santa Clause." Feliz Navidad everyone. Picture tomorrow maybe.

23 December 2008

Are you ready for that terrible swift sword?

As Christmas break has hit us and we prepare for visions of sugar plums and the onslaught of wrapping paper and relatives, we are "homeschooling." I don't want the young ones to bore. Ollie is pictured above with his key board and abacus, his sword and his shield, and his megaphone for barking orders at his un-potty trained brother. Our schedule is pretty loose (notice the pjs..) and so far we have relished morning stretches, reading and writing, math, cooking, chore charts and science. So much fun...

20 December 2008

Santa's bringing a dog! A schnauzer to be exact. I have always considered myself a scruffy-big-mutt-dog girl myself, and then the in-laws got a medium sized non shedding animal, and I was sold. We had to go through an extensive adoption process that involved a home visit and several phone conversations, but I am thrilled. This organization tries to play match maker between family and dog, and really treat the animal humanely until the perfect home is found, so the extra leg work seems worth it. I get to meet Henry, our four year old grey fur ball on Monday. I think the kids will be thrilled.

14 December 2008

That come knockin' and tappin' in Christmas wrappin'

Eli all bundled up in front of the tree...
Ollie doing the robot in front of the same yet naked tree...
Ollie playing air guitar on stage in his first Christmas show ever (Sean his best friend is beside him in a plaid shirt.)
Our tiny snow man that we made on our Friday snow day...
A very wise Santa telling the boys what you must do to take care of a dog....

07 December 2008

Buckets of moonbeams in my hand,

Hola Sports fans (who used to say that?) A quick update on the life and times of the Rayburn household.

1) I am hand making TONS (or at least, I feel like it is tons) of gifts this year. And, so I have been boggled down with yarn, thread, and vintage materials! I can't post pictures because all of my dear readers are also getting the gifts. Maybe after the holidays :)

2) Our Christmas tree is up! We bought it here for $25 and sawed it down our own selves...

3) I've been cookie swapping and soap making, and lesson planning, pant, pant, pant...

4) On that note, we are looking for Santa to bring us a dog for Christmas. If you know of any, send 'em our way..

5) Ollie spent a good hour the other day trying to lasso the moon. He had all of his protective gear on including: knee pads, arm braces, and safety goggles.. He tried to maneuver the porch furniture so that he could climb on the roof and be closer after his failed attempts at climbing trees... Boy, I love moon catchers. So poetic. He was very intense and undeterible..

6) I can't wait to see the InLaws here for the holidays. Come one come all!

28 November 2008

I can drink like a fish, I can crawl like a snake, I can bite like a turkey, I can slam like a drake

I have survived yet another right of passage: The Thanksgiving day dinner. Finally, I have been promoted to a position of adulthood as far as holidays are concered, and I actually cooked the meal and hosted the party. We had 12 folks, all family, and tons of delicious food. The weather was perfect, and the turkey pretty moist. FYI- One should clean out that poor bird BEFORE cooking it. I asked friends, family, and even read recipes and directions, and not one told me I'd need to violate the poultry in such and obscene manner, but luckily I found out an hour into cooking time..

Tomorrow we head to Indiana to spend a couple hours with the other have of the clan. As for tonight, our Christmas tree is up, lights are shimmering, bellies are full, and everyone is lightly snoring. I am thankful for peace.

21 November 2008

The one was Texas medicine,

Last night was date night and we found ourselves at the Ryman once again. Our ongoing discussion of this historical monument is that we wish bands would play somewhere else in Nasvhille. It LOOKS cool, but it is a total sit-down hush-hush kinda place. When you go see a rowdy texan, yee-haas and knee slappin' isn't all together out of place. People always say, " oh, I LOVE the Ryman," and I respectfully disagree. It's snoozeville if you like dancin' and carryin' on. Anyway, the show got me in the holiday spirit, and here is my F.A.V....More on the boys' new dos and our analysis of personality types based on the kind of hat you wear, Phish tickets that we bought, and how Thanksgiving is going to go down around here later.

And, because he played with an all star-cast including Danny Barnes, here's one from him, too. I love D.B. He played with a band called the Bad Livers. Who wouldn't love that? We saw him at Windows on the Cumberland a couple of years ago and we were practically the only people there, and it was great fun.

And, then of course good ole' Todd Snider was there to open up and he had a couple of the YMSB dudes playin' with him, and so here's one of their videos.

20 November 2008

That every hair is numbered like every grain of sand.

7:25 yesterday morning before school (We leave at 7:30) I enter into the bathroom to see Ollie with spray bottle, comb, scissors, and a smile on his face. There is trail of beautiful, blond, baby hair from the family room to the bathroom. Eli has cuts on his face and very thinned hair. No mom blog would be complete without a similar story.

15 November 2008

Rainy day.....science

In the lab today, we are making crystals....

Testing for air pollution....

And, dissolving capsules..

The crystals will take up to 5 days to grow, and there were chemicals involved so O got to wear goggles and gloves. The air pollution test simply involves a piece of poster board, and 6 -7 metal lids. Each day we will go out, and remove a lid, and then compare the debris that has been collected around each label to determine our air quality. And then, of course those creepy pill looking things that magically turn into a sponge are fun to watch, too.

10 November 2008

Kids are strange when you're a stranger..

Okay, two quick things:

1) It is getting to cold to compost and my little hold container under the sink gets so very full before I feel like traipsing back to the way, way back of my less than an acre back yard. It's called sacrifice people..

2) Eli woke up at 3:48 this weekend screaming and throwing a 2 year old fit because he wanted a donut. Hmm.... Okay.... Nope no donuts in the house, can't help you bud, so please for the love of everyone in this house Go.back.to.sleep... He kicked and carried on for about an hour, but I guess he probably just tired of the moaning. He was inconsolable. I think he MAY have had 3 donuts his entire life, so who knows..

09 November 2008

Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves,

Trees: by Ollie
Leaves, trees
Bees, leaves
Wall, hall
Make a wall
In Autumn
With your Dad

Eli's contribution

06 November 2008

In every leaf that trembles, in every grain of sand.

On Mondays we have been taking a nature walk. We feel so private and secluded and free.
We build structures on dry river beds and wonder all week if they are still standing.

We study tadpols in the leftover pools.

And, we hug trees, of course.
(That is, after we kick them, and mom makes us hug them instead.)

I love fall.

31 October 2008

Fightin' for peace is like screamin' for quiet...

Sooo, some of the gals do a Friday Afternoon Video, and here's mine. Also if you go here you can download the entire album for FREE until midnight tonight.

On a similar note, we went to vote yesterday and poor Elijah was confused. All day he thought we were going boating. So, he was very confused and disappointed when there was no boat. Only votes. Rock the boat baby!

30 October 2008

Jack the Cowboy went up north

I've been slow to post about our fall activities, but rest assured, we aren't holed up just yet..
Eli almost got kidnapped, see above..
Ollie's thinking of raftin' down the Mississippi..

And to all the girls I've left behind....

We went to a fabulous fall festival that also had a host of knitters, weavers, and spinners, and their animals....

Gettin' lost in a corn maze..

Special thanks to the Foreman Four for a wonderful four year old birthday.

25 October 2008

But I'd rather have joined that pirate ship

"No, I not eatin' candy..."

My tired pirate

As we settle into our fall routine, contemplate the holidays, we enjoy each other...usually.
Ollie told his father this morning that he smelled like rotten basil....

19 October 2008

"Ah, think I'll call it a sheep."

Feeding the sheep

Pumpkin time!
Pouty McPouty- Teenager already

With the lips!