30 December 2008

And I in my armor, turning about

Have I posted pictures yet? Ollie wore this outfit for 2 days straight. Eli got matching armor. We don't do guns in our house, but even golf clubs become swords somehow.. Oh, yeah, they're boys.
Ollie's favorite person in the world. (Well next to Bubba, Papaw, Shug, and Sean.)
Henry Wilson Rayburn making himself at home in our Christmas wreath.
It looks dark in this picture because I may or may not have woken everyone up at 5:30. I was so excited. Also, these balloons were Eli's favorite Christmas toy. He's so easy :)

25 December 2008

And Uncle Remus can't tell you and neither can Santa Claus

This season I have been questioning the whole Santa story and in particular have been wary about the intricate deceit that comes with the mythology. And, last night, laying in bed with a four year old all a twitter with expectation, I changed my mind. I rationalize the lie. As with many, many things in parenthood, I see the parallels in our relationship with Christ. We are to wait for His return, for His gifts, with anticipation and definite hope. Ollie knew and hoped for gifts and a good day, and I too, have been promised many things for which I can expect. I am thankful this morning for many, many people and things. Most of all, I am thankful as my youngest prances around in a new red robe, and the oldest is wearing a shield, sword, and helmet while playing with a rocket ship, and the new dog sunbathes by the window as if he has lived here forever, and the husband snores a little on the couch after being awake already at 9am for 4 hours, that my life this morning really resembles those shows from the '50s or '60s with the crew of boys and happy family. As a minister told me this week, "I have never regretted believing in Santa Clause." Feliz Navidad everyone. Picture tomorrow maybe.

23 December 2008

Are you ready for that terrible swift sword?

As Christmas break has hit us and we prepare for visions of sugar plums and the onslaught of wrapping paper and relatives, we are "homeschooling." I don't want the young ones to bore. Ollie is pictured above with his key board and abacus, his sword and his shield, and his megaphone for barking orders at his un-potty trained brother. Our schedule is pretty loose (notice the pjs..) and so far we have relished morning stretches, reading and writing, math, cooking, chore charts and science. So much fun...

20 December 2008

Santa's bringing a dog! A schnauzer to be exact. I have always considered myself a scruffy-big-mutt-dog girl myself, and then the in-laws got a medium sized non shedding animal, and I was sold. We had to go through an extensive adoption process that involved a home visit and several phone conversations, but I am thrilled. This organization tries to play match maker between family and dog, and really treat the animal humanely until the perfect home is found, so the extra leg work seems worth it. I get to meet Henry, our four year old grey fur ball on Monday. I think the kids will be thrilled.

14 December 2008

That come knockin' and tappin' in Christmas wrappin'

Eli all bundled up in front of the tree...
Ollie doing the robot in front of the same yet naked tree...
Ollie playing air guitar on stage in his first Christmas show ever (Sean his best friend is beside him in a plaid shirt.)
Our tiny snow man that we made on our Friday snow day...
A very wise Santa telling the boys what you must do to take care of a dog....

07 December 2008

Buckets of moonbeams in my hand,

Hola Sports fans (who used to say that?) A quick update on the life and times of the Rayburn household.

1) I am hand making TONS (or at least, I feel like it is tons) of gifts this year. And, so I have been boggled down with yarn, thread, and vintage materials! I can't post pictures because all of my dear readers are also getting the gifts. Maybe after the holidays :)

2) Our Christmas tree is up! We bought it here for $25 and sawed it down our own selves...

3) I've been cookie swapping and soap making, and lesson planning, pant, pant, pant...

4) On that note, we are looking for Santa to bring us a dog for Christmas. If you know of any, send 'em our way..

5) Ollie spent a good hour the other day trying to lasso the moon. He had all of his protective gear on including: knee pads, arm braces, and safety goggles.. He tried to maneuver the porch furniture so that he could climb on the roof and be closer after his failed attempts at climbing trees... Boy, I love moon catchers. So poetic. He was very intense and undeterible..

6) I can't wait to see the InLaws here for the holidays. Come one come all!