31 May 2012

In the summertime, ah in the summertime

During the school year I am mired in mom-hood and don't really have the time or energy to blog. 
Summer is off with a bang, and on the official  3rd day  of  summer, we are savoring each and every moment. 
Please enjoy 100 fun summer activities with us. 

1.  Mailed post cards to far away places
2.  Ate smoothies
3.  Visited the library
4.  Went to work with dad
5.  Toured and hiked a local battlefield
6.  Attended a Memorial Day picnic with hot dogs, sno cones, and a waterslide
7.  Spent hours outside with neighbors
8.  Made chocolate chip cookies
9.  Grown and eaten garden veggies
10.  Had out of town guests
11.  Spent the night with Shug (grandma)
12.  Birthday party sleepover with water guns
13.  Played in a creek
14.  Saw a movie - ate lots of popcorn
15.  Caught fire flies