28 April 2007

Knee high

We are in the process of packing all of our belongings! The new house needs a little work, too, and so we are splitting our time between two homes. Things get a little hectic with our grasshoppers at our knees, but we are all very busy and excited. How did we accumulate so much stuff, and why?!!

21 April 2007

Happy Day of the Earth

One small step for Ollie....
Today was filled with excitement. We packed in 2 different Earth Day Festivals, dinner with Granpa, a job fair, and a trip to the ER. We had a huge scare with eyes and sunscreen. Ollie was brave and tried to stick it out, but the poor guy's eyes were burning! He is fine now, but E and I were so very worried. Ollie even said once, "I can't see," and we panicked. Again, he is fine, but at the time, I thought for sure I had ruined my child.

The day was, aside from the burning eyes, very pleasant. What a great holiday to celebrate really. One of our best, I think. Folks getting together, swapping notes on keeping the earth and its inhabitants safe. No gifts, fattening food, or in-laws, just positive notions on ways to save the world. Love it.

15 April 2007

When do you become an adult?

There are many theories about this, and in fact some of my teenagers believe they are already there, or are about to be. But I submit to you that it doesn't truly happen until you find yourself doing several things:
-Buying a house (we close in on a house next Monday, hopefully)
-You are sitting at a red light in a volvo station wagon filled with car seats, strollers, old cheerios, and plastic toys listening to NPR and wondering if your 3 year old is old enough for soccer.
-You consider 7am sleeping late
I guess I have actually made it to adulthood, about time at 30 some would say. What's left? Grey hair, false teeth, and grumbling about the price of gas? Oh, wait, I'm already doing the last one! Ackkk....

08 April 2007

In the news...

(Not the real news, just on the Rayburn front).....Eli is waving and saying bye-bye. His timing isn't yet perfected, but as his parents, we get to see him do it even if a person has left his presence minutes before. He is also quite the music lover himself. He is 10 months old, and boy does he have rhythm. He bobs his head with the best of them.

Ollie has such an inquisitive mind, and his observations frequently amaze and amuse me. This morning he inquired how the Easter bunny came into the house. Did he use the door? He really does say the darndest things. In the bath this evening, as he was trying to convince me not to wash his hair, he informed me that his hair wasn't real dirty, it was pretend dirty.
I know, you have to know these kids to find all of this so hilarious, but I do know them, and they rock in so many ways.