28 December 2007

Family Portrait

This is the best of O's realist stuff.
These = happiness to me

20 December 2007

Travel Stories

The "worldest peach" AKA the big peach is on the way to Indiana, which we'll pass on the way to E3's on Monday. I am looking forward to Santa as all good children are. Santa will be coming to Uncle Ethan's. Last time we where there, Eli peed on the carpeted floor, I scuffed up the garage, our car broke down which set off a chain of events that prevented our hosts from getting a Christmas tree when they wanted, and surley the wonderful dinner that they served us could have better digested without our little heel nippers. None the less, they are having us back, and I only hope that this time we will be better house guests.

14 December 2007

'Cause band-aid's stuck on me....

What is it with kids and band-aids? They hold this magic over kids that is unexplainable. Ollie got a little poke from a stick at school this week that his teacher put a band-aid on. This was the tiniest of scratches and he gingerly carried around his hand for a day not daring to get it wet in the bath tub or wash his hands. When we finally did make him get it wet, he had to have another one though I could have used a magnifying glass to find the scratch. He even asked as we entered the barber shop for a pre-Christmas mop chopping last night if it was a "band-aid-taking-off-shop." He seemed content when I assured him it was not, yet he did tell the stylist all about the band-aid, and he never talks to strangers. I once knew a girl whose parents used band-aids as a reward system, I think for pottying. Her mother laughed about people's public reaction to a youngster with so many injuries. Any parent could have spotted a band-aid junkie. Hey, maybe I should try wearing one the next time I am feeling blue. Maybe they ARE magic.

13 December 2007

I am aghast that it has been so long since I have updated the blog! Oh my! I have lots of excuses, but just a quick note that I am ransacked with Christmas cheer and end of the semester school duties. We all have one week left before we get to just kick back, enjoy one another and breathe. Pictures this weekend.

03 December 2007

It's glorious

In true Rayburn fashion, the boys are pictured here putting the icing on the Christmas tree cake. Evan and Ollie wrestled the thing down with their own bare hands.
3 year old bliss

02 December 2007

Which of these doesn't belong?

Laundry day falls on Sunday, and pictured below is always from the last load. Tedious, slightly different, stripped, shaped, and for different kids. A sock conundrum. Now, I'm no card-carrying red, but there seems to be some sort of logic to having only one sock choice at the store. "Equal socks saves housewives" should be my slogan. Identical socks could perserve time, sanity, and maybe even the environment as less socks would get trashed for lack of a partner. Yes indeed, universal same socks could save the world.