28 October 2007

A shout out to my mamas

In the beginning, I hated the computer and viewed time spent on it a waste, as much as watching TV. I couldn’t fathom spending time on one, communicating with people. I thought it was, well just nerdy. And then, I got really, really pregnant, and was under doctor’s orders to be on bed rest. I had never in my life experienced such down time, wherein I didn’t feel deathly ill. So, I ventured to try a chat group that the patchouli smelling leader of my child birthing class mentioned in class. That was 4 years ago, and I still check the mama board almost everyday. I saw a couple of the gals yesterday, and I was reminded how much their companionship and advice has meant to me as a mom. I appreciate so much that Angela has hosted this forum gracefully and peacefully with an amazing sense of humor and kindness. I love Sybil and Sara’s quick quips and am in awe of their 3 baby families, Karen’s generosity and time strapping in babies and Kim’s talent amazes me. I stand in awe of Rowena and Chelle’s artistry. I am humbled by Angel’s thoughtfulness, and inspired by Paige and Emily’s leadership and world changing actions. One day, I hope to be as accepting as Wendielu, as perceptive as Wendy, and I have never thought that evil Wendy really is evil, but instead see you as an ocean of wisdom. I am proud to know my favorite Cubana, the lovely and talented Brenda, and honest and sincere Cheeto. Heather has been a tremendous influence in the way I view children, and my role as a teacher, and Ginger’s perseverance and steadfastness have left me with a strong impression. Adrienne always fills my tummy and Diane makes me feel comfortable to curse. All of the mamas’ generosity astounds me. Your insistence on taking care of one another, and of the world as a whole truly restores hope in human decency and kindness. Thank you for your constant encouragement and endless opinions, prayers, and counsel. I am thrilled to see you all whenever I get a chance, and I can’t tell you how much each one have you have meant to me over the past years. You have helped make this adventure of motherhood so much smoother. I love you all. Even if your name wasn’t mentioned above, rest assured, I am eternally grateful for you.

26 October 2007

A real sweet video

Not of the boys, but tugged on my rock and roll heart strings none the less.
http://www.thisisbrighteyes.com/ Click on watch videos, choose First Day of my Life. It'll be fun, and what else have you got to do?

22 October 2007


Sick of Sick

The news report stands:
Eli has been to the doctor's office 4 times in the past month. One pink eye, one ear infection, one vomiting at school episode, and one fever. Ollie has been running a fever since Tuesday, and has been to the doctor once. I have missed school twice, Evan went to school one day last week, and we have been worried sick over children who have had a slight fever for what seems like forever. They are superficially sick. Just a little under the weather keeps everybody out of school. And, I am sick of it. God help us when flu season actually hits.

20 October 2007

The Cheese

A couple of years ago, Caleb, my nephew had a birthday party at ChuckyCheese. Ollie must have been 6 months old or so (or either 18 months, I can't remember, but not old enough to enjoy it). Anyway, we looked around dazed at all the lights and confused by the sounds and visions of little squirts super-charged on sugar and pizza with pockets full of gold coins. It was surreal, and I remember both Evan and I escaping as soon as possible shaking our heads in dismay and vowing to never go back to the Sin City for tots. But with so many things in parenthood, we ate our words, and took Ollie, now 3 1/2 back to that place. He was invited to a birthday party with some friends from his school. The boys had a blast (pictured above), I have to admit that I tossed a of couple skee-balls , and I love seeing O-Ray be social. I hear they have pizza, soda, coin specials, and maybe it isn't SUCH a bad place for a rainy day pick-me-up or for a no-mess-in-my-own-house kinda party. As we left, we did release a collective breathe of fresh air as the cloud of over stimulation lifted.

16 October 2007

Fall Fun

I haven't updated in a while, due to all of our fall activities. For some reason, I am unable to upload pictures, so you'll just have to trust how beautiful the children are. We have been to the Celebration of Cultures, camping at Edgar Evins State Park (which Evan is currently mapping!), to our local organic grower's fall festival, and a much anticipated trip to the pumpkin patch. Eli's first camping trip went smoothly, and he slept through the night outdoors. Ollie is a great fire builder, and even slept in his own tent almost all night. We have, of course, planted mums, and are loving the open-window weather.

07 October 2007

The great clothing switch

So I finally did it. A chore that I put off until the Velcro won't stay closed anymore on the shorts, and finding the belly is as easy as you please. For some reason, changing out the kids clothes seems to be such a chore. Elijah was still wearing 6-12 month clothes due to my reluctance to change out. In the bottom of his drawers were crumpled up pieces of clothes that we couldn't even pretend fit. The whole ordeal took no more than an hour, yet it is the last chore on the to-do list always that involves emptying every drawer, a trip or two to the attic, and a pile that comes out of the laundry. One of the many benefits of having 2 kids of the same gender, is that we already have tons of stuff for the little one to wear. I got to oh and ah in reminiscence at some of Ollie's ole faves. (I'm saving the 6-12 monthers on the chance that E2 has a boy this time (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one)).

02 October 2007

Cool as a cucumber

The new tire-swing! My 3 sweet men-folk. Pepino, our newest addition. What fun :)

01 October 2007


Ollie got to go to his first festival this weekend, Mucklewain (turn your speakers on!) We had a great time. We left right after school on Friday, and rushed to Dickson so that we would make it in time to hear Porter Hall, Tennessee . As we were setting up the tent, O-Ray, of course had to poop, which he proceeded to do in this (which is way better than this.)grinning and comfortable as Evan and I put up the tent and EZ-up. Friday night held lots of good music for us. We met some nice folks, danced to great music under the moon, and curled up to sleep in the tent. Ollie slept like a rock never waking once, and I lay awake some of the night listening to 2 drunk guys outside my tent arguing about how lame the campground scene was. Lame for them, means great for families. (They left in their obnoxiously giant truck before the morning came). My favorite from Friday night had to be Those Darlins (seriously good music).
Saturday started with a quick trip to Antioch to refresh, shower, and squeeze Ligey. Among my musical favorites: Stacy Earle and Mark Stewart, Randy Boen (an old friend we were thrilled to see!), and Scott Miller. We were very bummed not to see Todd Snider, who headlined on the bill, but didn't show at the last minute. We left on Saturday night, and curled up in our own beds at a little past midnight.
All in all fun, fun, fun. Ollie is a rocker and a camper and could not make his parents prouder.