26 May 2009

I met a young girl, she gave me a rainbow

We also had a blast at Dad's this weekend. My cousin, with whom I used to play mermaids and make up dance routines with for HOURS has 2 boys the same age as Eli and Ollie. They hit it off big time. Pictured above discussing the goats.
Showing off by the pool.

Watching rainbows.
Building a country size bonfire for roasting smores..

And being manly with sticks...

25 May 2009

It just falls all over me

The annual pilgrimage to Fall Creek Falls!

This year we discovered the suspension bridge. Yowzers.

Here is the post from last year's trip.
This year Eli climbed up pretty much the entire way. He is becoming quite the little hiker.

13 May 2009

Well, I investigated all the books in the library,

These guys are expert Put-putters, and we had big family fun at a friends birthday this past weekend.
In other news, Ollie has had a high fever the past couple of days. I deem him healed because in the library today, the two boys were banging aimlessly and noisiley on a computer as I tried to find a good chapter book for us to read. When I pulled them away, Eli said, "but I wanna play computer." Ollie pulled down his pants, turned his butt to his brother, and said, "I have a computer you can play." Awwwww, boys...

12 May 2009

I'm going off into the woods, I'm huntin' bare

Mother's Day hiking at a State Park. What a lovely way to start off the season. Eli can truck this year, and doesn't have to be carried the entire time. Appalachain trail here we come (kidding, for now.)
I have been slow of posting as of late because my brain is full of Grad school ideas, book writing, lesson planning, business promoting, gardening, crafting, and cooking. Maybe next winter you'll get more deep thoughts on mothering, but for now, pictures will have to speak.