29 April 2010

like bats out of hell...

So, coming out of the library this week, a strange man stopped us and said, "Hey wanna see a bat." So, of course I said sure. He took us across the street into the underbelly of a building. (I began to question my decision to follow the man, of course..)BUT, low and behold, he wasn't a crazy killer, but just some dude that took time out of his day to point out something cool.
He touched it! A Bat! This has lead us to much research and discovery about these peaceful, helpful, flying mammals...

Other than this, our week so far has looked just like last week. Creeks and outdoors and reading. I am basking in our routine, though I am afraid, it hasn't felt very interesting to the outside world.

25 April 2010

Don’t ya tell Henry....

Yes, they are IN that tree. It was completely hollow!

Let the hiking season begin!
We love the parks and hiking around middle Tennessee, and during the summer we are in the habit of having weekend adventures. This year Eli, now 3, can actually hike quite a bit. Today we all did about 3 miles, which is fantastic for little ones on the first hike out, I think. Last year, Eli spent many a hike in the Maya wrap.
These were pics from Henry Horton State Park, which, I might add is a lovely Sunday drive from the 'Boro. I give the park itself 2 1/2 gold stars comparatively speaking, but 5 stars as starter for more exciting adventures to come.

22 April 2010

Well, let the caterpillars spin....

"MAMA!" "MAMA!" (Heard coming from the woods)
"I'm coming, baby!" (Me, running.)
"What is it?"(Imagining foot stuck in a log or something crazier.)
"Awesome, buddy!"

Happy Earth Day!

That pirate ship away.....

We found a great spot last year, and finally made it back there this season. We splashed and explored with friends. We saw two blue herons, two snakes, and two dead crawfish.
My camera is focused on the wrong spot, but one of the herons is in the background of this picture.

Hugging trees..
Wheat for baking bread...
And, a pirate ship with cannon and gold.

21 April 2010

20 April 2010

Something about that movie though, well I just can’t get it out of my head

Ollie and Eli made a movie. I helped with no part of this except the duck tape and the filming, for which I was directed. Enjoy. They are concerned that it is not on the real TV. I've assured them that I would put it out there for the general public to enjoy.

15 April 2010

Starlight by the edge of the creek..

A day spent in two different creeks,
an insect class,
and pot luck with fellow homeschoolers and friends that included
hide-n-seek, ice-cream, and bubbles.
Is it summer already?

14 April 2010

I can see the day coming when even your home garden

We planted peppers, tomatoes, marigolds, cucumbers, basil, and cilantro today. I didn't snap any photos because, well, it still looks like dirt, but trust me, we spent all morning outside, then walked down to a friends house to pal around. The longer I live in my neighborhood, the more I love it. Here's what I'm taking to a pot luck at the park tomorrow evening with friends:

Cucumber Alfalfa Wraps:
Mix goat cheese and avocado in the food processor. Spread on tortillas (you could make your own, but I'm not going to tomorrow.) Fill tortillas with the following "salsa" made with: cucumber, red onion, dill, and sprouts. You could add lime. Cool and enjoy. A summer hit at our home. What could I change to make it more yummy? Ideas?

When the cities are on fire..

I should just rename this blog: Following my children around on their adventures.
Outside yesterday.

12 April 2010

there in the meadow where the creek used to rise

Today after Spanish class, lunch at home, and work at the food bank, we hiked deep in to the woods (well a mile or so) to meet friends.
There we waded and chatted and played.
Our classroom..

The kids were extremely industrious and hardworking..
Making art for a "rock museum"
Then home for dinner with daddy, fresh, raw wraps for a hot day.
Recipe tomorrow.

10 April 2010

08 April 2010

to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns

Our outside shot for the day, a costumed birthday party with friends.
My little clown.
This fits him so well in so many ways.

07 April 2010

A teacup of water is enough to drown

Outside everyday...dogwood in bloom..
Morning watering of veggies..
And fighting over the hose..