29 May 2007

Headed for dog days..

Yeah! Summer is here. The best time in the world if your a teacher! I am really digging being home with the boys. The house is coming along great, and we still love every minute of it.
A wet swimsuit with a bike, and O-Ray is off!

27 May 2007


What a great American experience for the boys! We made the 1/2 hour drive to our nearest drive-in movie theater last night, and it was a blast. I think these theaters hold a special nostalgic sentiment, and for good reason. The cable guy yesterday said that he used to buy cars with the drive-in in mind, and I can see why. The place was packed! I don't think Ollie really understood til we got there what we where up against. Bless his heart, he forced his eye-lids to stay open all the way to 10PM, when we usually turn in around 7. We ate popcorn and snuggled in. Elijah even poked his head out of the window a couple of times to speak to our neighbors and stretch his voice in the night air. Well worth the trip!

21 May 2007

Sometimes I have to post a mooshiness

My sweet child tonight as we were deep into the bedtime routine of books, prayers, and "let's talk about something" said the sweetest little thing. He held my face close and said, "Look at your eyes, they're so pretty. And pretty mouth and teeth." And with that my weary, busy self teared up. By far, my favorite moment of the day. Maybe the week.

18 May 2007

Loyal Readers, Come Back!!

I hate that I have been MIA for almost a month now. Phew, I guess I really never dreamed that it would take us so long to get settled into our new place. We are still living amongst boxes and un-hung pictures, and our to-do list is several pages long, but all-in-all, we LOVE our new home. We love our new little town. This afternoon we found a huge park with a long green way and wooden castle to romp around in. We grilled out on our new patio and are settled in with open windows and cool spring air. Tomorrow will be filled with junking, weed pulling, organic veggie picking up (thanks Big E), and concert going. One week til I am done with teenagers, and counting. I am back on line, and will post pictures or our lives again soon.