01 July 2011

Savage Falls

Today we took a lovely hike to Savage Falls. We walked 3.2 miles again. The weather was a cool 80 degrees, spirits were high, and it was an easy walk.
In the woods, I thought I heard rain, but as it turns out, the sound was the pitter-patter of grasshoppers.
Rhododendron in bloom made the air smell like ice-cream according to Eli.
This was such a nice, easy trail, I thought all of these warning signs were funny.
A rhododendron grove. Notice the petals all over the forest floor.

These were the falls. It was shallow enough around the edges to walk under the falls. Eli and I swam as it was deep in the center, but were able to frolic under the water easily.
This fall was right next to the bigger one pictured above.

All from the same seated position (above)..
We could walk side by side most of the hike with trails that look like the picture above. I hike barefooted often times, and the path today was cool and soft.

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Shug said...

Count me in the next time you do this hike. I think that I could handle this one.

P.S. I'm glad that you're blogging again (with lots of photos).