15 February 2009

Valentines can't buy her

Say what you will about the love holiday..
But, I love it!
Especially homemade love..
Seen above is Ollie's card- box to take to school. He made everything himself with all recycled or reused materials (the LifeSavers were given to him, and he decided they fare better as decoration than as a treat. I agree.)
There are 20 kids in his class, so I did write the kids' names on them, but he did the rest.
The stickers were hand-me downs from my grandmother's collection, and the candy was pushed on us by another loving grandmother....
And, of course Eli is creative. Seen here in his undies and with plastic hearts over his "boo-boos."

See, love is grand.

I liked our cards the best as they were the only homemade ones, and Ollie did, too.

And, by the way, it was raining Saturday morning, and I saw a young guy riding his bike in the rain with roses sticking out of his jacket pocket. Que romantico! I loved it.

11 February 2009

I've had my eyes on you baby for about five long years,

Ollie's birthdays always seem to be unseasonably warm. We had perfect weather to train Jedi.
Our Jedi training course, Jedi outfits and light sabers seen here.
Lots of practice...

Decorating home planets.. And...
Fighting the dark forces..
And defeating them..

Followed by cupcakes that were out of this world..

How does this happen?? Five is so mature and worldly..

08 February 2009

I see people in the park forgetting their troubles and woes

How to be the most popular people in the park...
Bring a kite!!!!

It really was a perfect day at the park. Throngs of children seemed to gravitate to dad, and to the dog...We made new friends as children leaped to try and touch the clouds, so happy to stretch after winter's hibernation. Soon, we'll have the park to ourselves again, but for now, it was refreshing to see other humans just out breathing and smiling.
News from the galaxy, defeating evil forces, and storm troopers tomorrow.

02 February 2009

And you say, "Who is that man?"

Ollie is really trucking along with spelling, reading, and writing. With just a few simple letters, we came up with some great sentences. He thought it was hilarious to change the punctuation and say it differently. Who knew that "The man sat on a hat." compared to "The man sat on a hat?" compared to "The man sat on a hat!" would elicit such squeals of delight.

01 February 2009

In creation where one's nature neither honors nor forgives.

A little science.....
A busy weekend filled with hypotheses, solubles, and, acids and bases, and equipment..

And, a little nature...

Our spot that is always dry, was wet this weekend!

Boy, we need the sunshine! Look how white we are? But happy, no?