24 January 2008

A working mom's miracle

Okay, so childcare is a major pain in the ass.
I worry every second that my kids are away from me that something is happening to them that I don't agree with or want them to be exposed to or that they are safe, loved, well fed, etc. We are not the most fanatical, radical people that I know, but we do have some beliefs that I guess are not really mainstream. We try to shield our children from violence, too much junk food, and we demand safety, read books, sing songs, and write. We want our care givers to do the same for our children, all at a bargain price. I am after all, a school teacher, and Evan doesn't graduate until May.
Shortly after Christmas break, we took our kids out of daycare which we were mildly happy with but that was bleeding us financially for everything we were worth, and for the past two weeks they have been in at home daycare that came highly recommended. Upon our initial visit, everything seemed fine. The lady had several kids, one family I know. She has 3 kids that seemed happy, well adjusted of her own, and she has been watching kids for 17 years. Her references checked out fine.
Well, over the course of 2 weeks, things have gone downhill. The kids watch TV seemingly all day, even in her giant SUV. When they do go out, one of her car seats is one of those plastic booster seats from a restaurant (I firmly instructed O to never, ever sit in it, and told her, too.) They have not sang one song, listened to music, or read one book. One day, Ollie wrote his name on a piece of paper. The have eaten pizza at least 2 days for lurch, and McD's at least 3 others. For breakfast, they eat sugar cereal out the wazoo, and snacks are cookies and chips. No, there's more. Yesterday, Ollie told me that she LEFT Eli without an adult to go pick up her kid. The sitter took the older kids, and left the babies asleep. When I asked her about it, she said that her mom was there, but we were freaked! We trust Ollie. He's smart, observant, a little obsessive about right and wrong, and honest to the core. Sooooo, I have been praying, praying, praying,
And, an Angel fell from the sky. A trusted mom friend of mine has agreed to come to my house and stay with the boys. We can afford her. She is kind and generous, patient and playful. She has a beautiful laugh and high standards. I can make the kids lunches, regulate car seats, and I know in my heart that she will never leave them even for a second. I am thankful for her beyond words. Beyond words.
At the end of the day yesterday, I met with some girlfriends and got a free massage.
Truly, I am blessed with good friends and people. Sometimes life has storm clouds and tight tension of uncertainty and worry, and other times gentle breezes of fortune and happiness.


Stephanie said...

Good news! I'm also shuffling around trying to find the best child care fit for my son. It takes a lot of patience butour children are precious!

Shug said...

I too am more than thankful for the wonderful Miss G. Please tell her for me that she is an answer to my prayers as well.

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

wow. I'm so glad that something worked out for you guys. I'm freaked out whenever my kids are away from me as well. No one will feed them or care for them as well as I do! I hope this situation can continue!