05 January 2008

Energy Miser

Being energy conservative is my environmental goal for January, and I am looking for practical changes everyday. We already do simple things, like recycle, use canvas bags for shopping (all of which are recycled from garage sales or freebies from work), wash our clothes in cold, and have unplugged just about everything imaginable. I want to see a difference in our energy bill, and I'll let you know how it goes. Today, I unplugged our rarely used microwave and started to rinse the dishes in cold only. Brrrrr. (I am pretty sure the microwave is a pity microwave that our parents gave us in frustration and disbelief that we could live without one.) I have to be practical about things as we have 2 young kids, but any other shavings off the electro-field appreciated. Evan called me an energy miser today, and I blushed at his romantic comment.


Shug said...

Even Granpa told me this morning that just unplugging will save 4% on a power bill. Good luck.

Tough Mama said...

Yeah! How quickly we forget that the ole' timers remember what it was like to HAVE to save energy and resources.

Mandy 52 said...

i look forward to the report. we don't use a microwave, ever, btw. and i'm starting to unplug things. i'll get there.