13 January 2008

Those good 'ole 'ole timers

The old folks have it right. It strikes me as fascinating that trends are cyclical in our society, and fads and ways of thinking come in and out of style. My mom spread the word to granpa recently that we were unplugged and trying to cut corners on electricity. He concurred that shaving pennies off the electric bill does indeed help. A conversation with my step-mother led us to her mom who, when she gave up housekeeping was said to have piles of saved containers from butter and tin cans from veggies. She, too was from the depression era and saved everything. So those weird quirks of old folks who know how to save money and electricity, grow their own food, make a delectable soup from bacon grease and potatoes, are hitting the young folks. We are often clothed in sandals, but the mentality is the same. Grandparents often know how to construct toys from two sticks or twine and tin cans. Recycled, reused, and reduced. They know how to purchase less and look for bargains. Somewhere throughout the generations, the rebellion came in the form of buy, buy, buy and then throw away, and it's time to get back to our roots and learn from the past. The frugal, non-wasting, resourceful attitude is back on the charts, and trendy though it may be, I hope it is a trend that this time lasts. Off to wash my hands in cold water.

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