31 January 2008

Energy Update

We got our electric bill today, and I was a little disappointed. In December, we were home a ton, had many a christmas bulb plugged in, and it was cold. In January, I started my un-plug campaign, kept the heat turned down, and started to be down right anal about hot water. We only barely shaved kilowatage off of our monthly usage. My dear hubby pointed out though, that we did indeed shave off a whole day's usage. Like we just erased one day of usage simply from making minor changes. So, I guess that's pretty good. All the more reason to hope for Spring when we can turn the heat off all together!
Oh, and our new sitter is the best thing in the world. We are so blessed. No tv today, good naps, she is using cloth diapers, and feeding them that which I have left for lunch. She plays with them and reads to them and has a great laugh. AND, not to mention that every toy is picked up and dishes done when I get home from work. She is the greatest.