24 February 2007

Snow Pictures Before Spring

Ollie and the snow man ElijahbeanBelieve it or not, he has know idea this is an army hat.

I really think he's eating the carrot nose!

This was from a week ago or so. Thought I'd post 'em before things got too warm. Oh, and yes, we where out of school for that much snow!!


Anonymous said...

That has to be the coolest snowman that I have ever seen. Where was I?


lulu said...

very groovy pix. snowman rocks. seƱor & boys do too. so do you.

E2 the SIL said...

You southerners and your snow! :) We still have snow on the ground from the last 12 inches we got AND we are going on a hike-through-the-woods field trip tomorrow at school! I'm jealous of your snow days! I check your blog every day and love to see pix of your fam!