03 March 2007

FREEDOM! and sadness

A couple of weeks ago, Evan marched up to me and proudly proclaimed that he was taking the boys to Oklahoma to visit his parents during his Spring Break. Okay, I said sort of nonchalantly, whatever. And today, he actually did it. I am stunned that it panned out, and more importantly, I have no children for.one. week. How did this happen? What does one do without children?! Once before baby #2, Evan took Ollie to Indiana for a weekend. I found out that weekend that I was pregnant. Other than that, Evan has never taken the children. I honestly don't know that I have had the house all to myself since that weekend. They left promptly at 9 this morning, and 8 hours later, I am clean with clean house and enjoying in addition to the promise of sleep (6 full nights of it) the following:

-All week, I will be able to walk without having crushed up cheerios between my toes.

-There will probably be no hidden boogers on the hand towels.

-I can eat salad and stinky cheese for every meal, if I choose.

More benefits to come....

I do miss these darling faces

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