19 February 2007

Confessions of a Slacker Mom and The Crazy Hat Party

I do not have time to be crafty. I haven't taken Eli to have his picture professionally taken in 8 months (until last week). My childrens' hair is more often than not a tangled mess. Their clothes rarely match, and sometimes I feed Ollie leftover peanut butter and jelly then put him to bed without a bath.

When I verbally invited my 6 year old nephew to Ollie's 3 year old birthday, Caleb asked very innocently, "what kind of party will it be?" I had no idea that usually moms pick a theme or some sort of activity. I googled for ideas and came up with things from spider man parties, to bounce factories, to entertainers for hire. I hadn't even sent out invitations by Wednesday for a Saturday party! So like a bolt of lighting I came up with crazy hat party! Ollie loves more than anything to wear different hats, and Shug coincidentally has a trunk full of crazy hats to lend. It was a success. The kids ran around acting like maniacs, and the adults sat amused with silly hats on for several hours. Somehow we had guests even though I never actually mailed invitations, and there was also cake (from a box, true to my slackerness) and ice-cream. (Pictures to come soon) (maybe :))
I really hit-the-ground-running everyday, and I have an ongoing list of things to do, but somehow I never accomplish as much as need. I think that deep down, my slacker nature tries to show it's ugly head in the middle of me wishing and trying to always have it all together. I see other moms doing it. Maybe they know a secret. I need a bumper sticker that says, "I slack."


lulu said...

there is no slack in the rope ...
it's wound too tight

Anonymous said...

Amen to Lulu's comment. You do a GREAT job. I admire all that you do everyday. Stop worrying and trying to do even more. You will always have a list, so enjoy the moment and continue to do the best that you can.