01 February 2007

My mom's story

With all of my issues with nursing, my mom's story came to light. My how the times have changed. Thank goodness that birth and nursing is now so different. The following is a recap of her story.

I was born 30 years ago. At the time, my parents lived on a military base. My mom had high blood pressure, and as a result she was hospitalized for one week before my birth in a military hospital. She had to room with another person. She was not allowed any TV and she was forbidden to even walk around. Visitors, including my dad, were not allowed except for during regular visiting hours which equaled about 1 hour a day. (This compares so drastically to my birth story. I'll post them both in contrast tomorrow). My mom suffered through 14 hours of labor with mean, rude nurse that she remembers to this day. She had an epidural, so she had to remain on her back through the entire ordeal. After I was born, I was whisked away to the nursery as rooming in was not an option. Mom was able to nurse some, but there was no Lactation consultant or other forms of support. My grandmother did not come from a generation of nursers and therefore, wasn't supportive. My mother's neighbor gave us a year's worth of formula. My mom said that as an almost 10 pound baby, I was hungry all the time. She decided to stop nursing, and so had to bound herself with beach towels or sheets. I cannot imagine how painful it must have been with those rocks! The doctor of course was no help and refused to give her any help. It is no wonder that birth is given such a bad rap on TV and through generations. I survived, obviously, but geez, my poor 20 year old mom.

Soooo, then when I was 2ish, she gets pregnant with Aaron. Her water broke when she was only 6 months pregnant (the doctors told her because she had sex while pregnant!) She was again put on bed rest at home this time. When she hadn't felt any movement in 3 days or so, she got scared and went back to the doctor. No one could find a heart beat. She was sent directly to Memphis (more than an hour away). When she got there, she had an immediate, emergency C-section. My brother was born 3 lbs. 15ozs. She was able to nurse some this time, but she could only stay in the hospital for a week, and Aaron had to stay 18 days. They lived over an hour a day, and dad was in school. My mom wasn't allowed to drive, so they were unable to see my brother as often as a mother needs to see her child. Aaron was so little and too week to nurse. My mother had to use a hand-held pump, with which she made it 18 days

Whew. What a mess. I am lucky to have been able to nurse. I am lucky for the support that I have had. My mom, has been a blessing, a wonderful support and birth partner. I could not be the mom I am without her. I hope I got the stories right. Thanks for everything mom. I love you.


lulu said...

shug definitely rocks!

Anonymous said...

You make me SO proud---you bring tears to my eyes. I love you more than life itself.