05 February 2007

Mama tip #45

Do not attempt to make chocolate pudding with the help of a three year old, and then forget to serve it with dinner. Mayhem and chaos will surely soon follow. Case in point: Chocolate pudding was a made and then forgotten in the fridge. Every child well tucked, washed, milked, and fed. Parents were sipping wine, planning lives, and reveling in the peace and quiet. When from a bedroom we both hear the wails of a child. Sad, terrible, lonesome cries. As I stood at the door trying to decipher words between sobs, I realize that the child is not in pain, but moaning the words, "Chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding, wahhhhhh." I am afraid that in this case, there was nothing more to do than to get the child out of bed and have a "mid-night snack" (at 7:30). These kids, and their drama crack me up.
Snow pictures and maybe even of the house we are BUYING coming soon.


lulu said...

i wanna see the house!

*j-u-l-e-s* said...

what a great story. so glad to see you're blogging this stuff fr your sweet boys to know about some day!