12 February 2007

Rock N Roll Mix Vol. I

So, our little men are going to be rock stars (or maybe rocket scientists)! Their affinity for good music is evident in this compilation disc. All of the following songs have been hand picked by the O man himself, or advised by his parents. I'd be happy to burn you a copy, or make some good kid rock n roll recommendations. (Alvin and the Chipmunks need not apply). Some of these hits obviously have nothing to do with kids, but are ones he just happens to like.

Magazine Called Sunset-Wilco


This Old Man-Dylan

Octopus's Garden-Beatles

**P.D.G.V. = pretty damn good video

***R.D.G.V=real damn good video

1 comment:

lulu said...

way to go, "o" man ... you rock. love your mix. great choices. rock 'n' roll forever!