30 January 2007

Quick Update

I know that I am majorly slacking as a blogger, but I will post pictures and stories soon. I have had "update blog" on my to-do list all weekend. Evan and I are actively looking for a house, and we may have found one, so that is absorbing much of my time. I am also applying for jobs around and about, and all of this has put me a step behind.

I feel so very busy most of the time. In a regular day, to stay healthy and happy one is supposed to do 10 billion things. Floss, read, knit, exercise, work full-time, spend quality time reading to the kids, cook wonderful wholesome meals, work-out, keep up the paper work, clean the house, keep your friends, feed the dog, and for goodness sakes, I am out of breathe, so that's my excuse. Snow IS in the forecast, and I AM counting on having a day off this week to post some cutesie pics of the little ones. Love to all.

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