13 January 2007

While the kids are away

The parents will play!! Both boys are deliciously spending the night with their grandmother tonight, and though I am very worried about her, I am so thrilled. We are having a couple of people over for drinks and games and maybe some adult conversation. No one invited even has children, so I may not be able to talk about boobs or poop all evening! As I prepare, I am struck by the thought that there are many things that have changed since having children. The following is a list of only a few things that non-children having folks might get to enjoy.....

-Lighting candles without the risk of someone burning the entire house down.
-Having drinks, then sleeping.
-Sleeping past 5AM after having said drinks.
-Being able to laugh, hoot, holler, and yes, even listen to music loudly, if it comes to that.
-Not tripping over humongous items made of plastic all evening. (we hid most evidence that our house usually resembles a play ground)

Thanks again, mamasita. You rock in so many ways.

Pictures of a young aviator coming soon. Stay tuned!

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jules said...

Hi, Courtney! I am glad you visited our blog and more glad to know you have one. How did your kid-free night go? Well, I hope.

I just had A Moment in which I almost cried, thinking about how much Miri Pi has grown up on me. Have those moments? She was fussing at bed time (long story -- I think, basically, she was so dang tired that she came unglued). I laid down with her for a moment, and she was still really crying over something. And I remembered how I'd lay down next to her when she was a baby (my mind went there, 'cause she was a rather colicky, fussy baby, and she thought the crib was evil) and how long it's been since I've laid down next to her while she was crying.

Anyway, I don't know if this is making sense, but I just suddenly remembered her as a baby and realized how much BIGGER she is and felt like time's flying, and it was a bittersweet moment.

And O YES I miss listening to music as loudly as I wanna whenever I wanna!

Hope you had fun and that the kids did well for the grandmother.

And, yes, you can do our questionnaire, but only if you can patiently wait 'til kidlitosphere bloggers get interviewed first, since we've already promised them. I'd love to hear your responses!