03 January 2010

My head tells me it's time to make a change

I tend to get very rejuvenated at the close of an old year. I love the new year and the symbolic renewal it evokes in me. I know all of the right things to do and the right ways to live, and I've tried desperately to incorporate lots of healthy habits into my daily routine, though I have had a hard time making them stick.
I can read all about them, agree, get pumped up, but soon revert to my old ways. So this year, I wrote my own "self help" book.
I have incorporated all of my own priorities in an order that I know I can handle. I have made a basic checklist, and hope to stick to it finally as I now own it and it is personal.
I have also made it obtainable for me and my family.
This first week, I am adopting exercise into my daily routine. I started on Tuesday of last week, and have either jogged or taken a bike ride four whole times. I am extremely proud of this and feel great, having ever loved these two activities but as of late have put them at the end of my priorities. I have done it even though it has been 20 degrees even! Yay!
I have also spent time each morning reading the Bible and praying. My goals for self improvement are simple and obvious, but for some reason I have let them slip. I am concentrating on mind, body, and spirit.
Wish me luck, and I may keep you up to date on how good I feel :)
Good luck to you in your resolutions and may you grow and change every day.


Rebecca said...

Yay Courtney! It's important to take time for yourself (which ultimately helps your family) but not at all easy. I have my own similar goals. I wish us both luck. :)

mandy said...

best of luck with your goals! i've got to get a grip on myself and start focusing on similar goals. in the spring. when baby walks ;)