12 January 2010

Gonna change my way of thinking

Hey, did you notice the new feature on the blog? On the right, I have labeled my posts, so if you want to see all the awesome pictures I have of Eli, you can find them in one easy spot. I haven't yet labeled ALL the posts from past years, but I am slowly working on it. Yay!

Also, just a quick update on my resolutions. Work out and bible reading are going great. I am going on week 3 of keeping up with these two things. My goal this week is to memorize a bible verse a week and cut out fried food. I dreamed last night I was eating a big plate of curly fries, so I have a feeling this one might be harder than I thought. I do like adding these changes bit by bit, and will keep you up to date on becoming the person I've always wanted to be...

I'll leave you with my verse from this week (from memory :) "Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near." Philippians 4:5

1 comment:

mandy said...

you could always start frying some things with coconut oil! love you just the way you are, btw. liberal and everything. ;)