05 January 2010

He says, "Your wife", I say, "She's busy in the kitchen cookin'."

Here is a pretty typical picture of me. In qreat-grandmother's quilted house coat in kitchen, cooking. Even when friends come to visit, I tend to hang out in my kitchen. This was "Christmas" night with my family and the following are only a few of the many highlights.
Magnolia leaves painted together at our morning art projects done at the beach during Thanksgiving, framed and gifted.
My first quilt.. My grandmother pieced it before dying, and after years of trying to pay someone to finish it, I with a little help from my friends, finished it for mom.
Blue sock monkey and oceanic pop-up book..
And plenty of drinks, eats, and love..


Sherry said...

Love, love, love everything in this post!:D

mandy said...

I almost always want to tell you that I'm going to steal your bathrobe whenever I'm at your house:). Your mama looks thrilled to death with the quilt!