22 January 2010

Builder of rainbows up in the sky,

Certified tree hugger, captivated by texture, curves, and lines..

Child led and executed projects...

Building zig-zag fences on a rainy day: bull strong, horse high, and pig tight..

Making treats for those cold birds....

Baking vegan cookies..

And observing nature on rainy, cold days..

And prayerfully, peacefully, meditating..
I miss the sun and feel my energy slowly evaporating. Once this week, I wished we were sick so that we would have an excuse to stay in bed all day with the covers pulled over our heads. Thank God, we aren't. The above beads I've fashioned into prayer beads to fidget with while in prayer. They have been a comfort, and way to stay focused..I am sticking with this goal this week as I strive to make it more of a normal part of everyday..

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