23 November 2009

You to me were the best.

The Greatest Class Picture of All time.
Our classmates, Donut and He-man.
We love you so much.
Thanks for hanging out with us..
This week, Mandy drove us to the big city to experience some art.
Which could also be titled, "the Tale of Moms striving to Raise Their Children Their Own Way." Funny, we like going to an interactive art museum to teach our children about art.
And then to a park infused with art to play..
That is a dog sculpture made of yellow crayons..
Learning about the color wheel..
The prints. Ollie made and X over bad guys..No bad guys allowed..
We observed sculpture, we made a collage at home of the prints we saw..
We used imagination, we sketched..

And then later this week..
Eli is mashing dates making vegan, raw fudge for snack.
Pretend fishing..
And climbing on, identifying, and loving on Sycamores..

It is with great pleasure that I bring this past weeks pictures of homeschooling
(cough unshcoolingohmywordIcan'tbelieveI'madmitingthat..)


Sherry said...

Oh, man! This looks like an awesome day--so hate I missed it.

mandy said...

so many hugs and kisses to you, friends.