16 November 2009

And puts her hands in her back pockets

Like Julie over at the Clark Chronicles does, it is Mama Monday. Here is a shot of me..I am busy preparing for the holidays with many crafts. I am giving them as gifts, so I won't show pictures here until after they are given, but I am enjoying hand making much of what we will give this year. I am also writing our Dos Amigas curriculum to publish and sell. With this warm weather, and no job really to speak of until January, I am trying to have busy hands...

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melissa said...

Hi "Country":

I was stopping by people's blogs that entered my giveaway over at Dang Gina's blog and saw that this was you! I love your blog. How cute! I love the pics of the boys and all the other fun stuff. I just wanted to tell those that entered my contests, that I am doing a 20% discount from now until Christmas at my blog melissajackson-initialdesigns.blogspot.com. Thanks for your sweet words about the Tree painting I traded Diane to get cupcakes! LOL! I'm a follower of your blog now!