09 November 2009

Food was flying everywhere

It hasn't been ALL Phish shows and dancing around here.
We did squeeze in a little learning this week.

The kids asked me about the food pyramid, so I drew a big pyramid, and we sorted. Please don't ask me why we have so many plastic wieners. I have no idea.
Eli decided to make a bad guy restaurant where only bad food is served.
They played this game for some time..
Eli is working on an alphabet book.
We are writing one thing a day that we are thankful for on leaves..
We hosted a fantastic co-op at our home on Thursday. The group has 4 boys, and above is the beginnings of a fort they built.
Ollie is learning Chess, and I'll bet he'll be able to beat me soon..
And, finally, at our history co-op on Friday we studied ancient China. The kids water colored scrolls, learned about Chinese writing and characters, drank tea, ate noodles, listened to music, saw clothes, and wait for it...Saw, touched, and practiced with real live swords! The elephants pictured above came from the previous weeks lesson on ancient India.


rowena___. said...

oh the food pyramid idea is wonderful, thank you for sharing that!

mandy @ bona fide mama said...

i should create our own food pyramid as we don't believe in the government produced one! i'm such a conspiracy theorist.

the sword guy was hot, wasn't he? ;)