26 November 2009

Please tell her thanks a lot

Sunrise from the balcony at Orange Beach..
Adventures and discoveries..

And of course, a little teaspoonful of learning.
We learned and read this.
This is one reason I am so tickled by the question, "do you take holidays off from lessons?"
What kind of question is that?
We learned today. We socialized. We exercised and explored.
How and why would we ever stop because of the date?
I am baffled by this common attitude about learning and living..

Evan celebrated his birthday today, too..
Above is what we think he looks like as abstractly represented on coffee filters..
The kids don't even buy into the standard need for beach chairs. They just make their own.

Is this too much for day one on the beach? We haven't been in so long for a stay like this, and especially with all the crew, it is hard to resist showing you how much I love it. I feel like I grew up here, and I am so thankful that my children have the opportunity to see us enjoy life and nature unhurried and at ease. I am so fortunate....

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Sherry said...

Definitely not too much--I loved seeing and reading it all. So glad you guys are having a blast. :)