27 September 2009

Catch the wild fishes that float through the stream,

How DO you catch a fish?
You start with your grandpa. You may find him up a tree.
Then you must go worm hunting.
And, this is a very serious job.
Then you pack up the boat. Don't drive through the yard if it has been raining for 14 months straight. You might get stuck, and have to use the Gator to help pull you out.
Fishin' and Muddin'.. We must be in Bama.
Next, learn to drive the boat.
Definitely, enjoy yourself.
Sweet talk Grandpa into baiting the hooks.

Which may wear him out.
Try and try..
And, then count your losses and go off to find other adventures. This is a tug boat pushing four barges.
That was waiting to go under this draw bridge after the train passed.

Then head home. No fish, but a great way to enjoy our first sunny day in a while. We SAW big fish jumping, herons, and turtles. We went tubing, drove the boat, and got plenty of sun. Love that Tennessee River.


Shug said...

I LOVE this photo story! I am so glad that y'all had a good time and everyone was safe.

Sherry said...

What a great day! :D