03 September 2009

Father, who turneth the rivers and streams.

For dinner this evening, I made these babies into a delicious sauce. They came from my garden. I also used zucchini, peppers, and basil from the CSA, and fresh rosemary from my friend Jennifer's. Ollie and I did a little country study about France today, so we had to make a baguette, too. His favorite, and involves only yeast, flour, water, salt , and olive oil, but does require plenty of kneading, punching, and sprinkling.
Plus, look at desert! Yummy, they remind me of my childhood.
Tuesday we went to a great class on the creek where we found: Darters, Chubs, Mosquito fish, and craw fish. Did you know that Otters live on the Stones River!?? I would pee my pants if I saw an otter in the wild around here, but the teacher swore it was so..
This is one of the first field trips I've organized for strangers, but it went really well, and we can't wait to do it again.


Sherry said...

The creek class was super fun; thanks again for planning it. That is a great creek; we wished we had more time to stay and explore further. We'll have to go back another time. :)

Tough Mama said...

I should have friends and strangers! Of course! I am so glad y'all came.