02 October 2009

Causes Galileo's math book to get thrown

I kept trying to decide what my favorite part of the week was, but it is hard to pinpoint.
Monday started with an Artsy Mamas Art Date.
We did a nature hike then made collages with friends.
We then spent an hour or so on the playground breathing fresh air.
(Science, P.E., art, socialization, check)
Tuesday was Spanish class and more time at the park..
Wednesday we learned about aquatic mammals.
We discussed adaptations and those mammals found locally.
Ollie is pictured above wearing said adaptations.
Afterwards, science experiments in the backyard studying springs.
We also worked with friction this week and moving onto simple machines next week.

Local squash fare..
Eli was found after hours "hiding" out. Who knows how long he was here in the family room instead of snug as a bug, but still sweet as pie.
Money Bingo..
And finally co-op... Pictured above the kids learning about the young Israelites and Passover in history and then below, science, learning about soap making.

Great, great weather, fantastic week. Next week includes a train ride, more science classes, new math workbooks, hopefully a new baby!, and of course yummy CSA food.
Also, am I crazy to already be plotting out Christmas crafts?


Rebecca said...

Love the money bingo idea! Sounds like a great week.

Tough Mama said...

The money bingo idea Sara F. mentioned, and I just made up my own version. It worked, but I can't take credit for it :)

Bona Fide Mama said...

it was great to spend so much time with you guys last week!

Tough Mama said...

It WAS Mandy!