11 September 2009

And they really make a mess outa you

Tornado?? Robbery?? Nay, just an example of what happens when mom gets slammed in bed for two days with strep throat. I am on the upswing this evening, enough to get up and take pictures of the carnage, but I am sure I will need a nap after all this excitement. Chills, sweats, razor throat, body aches, throbbing head, and general drowsiness making me drool in my sleep and sleep with my mouth wide open...The children have had no field trips or play dates, no science experiments or work book pages, just movies and playing together, a little fast food, left on the counter, and general free reign of the home.. I can't wait until I feel better.

1 comment:

Shug said...

Now that's scary. I hope that you didn't try to clean it up. Go back to bed and call me tomorrow.