09 September 2009

Pack up the meat, sweet, we're headin' out

I almost forgot that the boys also made up a story about the bubbles:

The Magic Bubble
by Ollie and Eli Rayburn

Once upon a time there was a magic bubble. And the magic bubble could go to the end of the world. The bubble comes from bubble juice and the bubble juice comes from the bubble juice box. The bubble juice box is in our yard. And in our yard is Ollie and Eli and Mommy.

How far can the magic bubble go? It can go to the North Pole and back to Tennessee in North America, and even New York.

One day the magic bubble went all the way to the ocean. He saw sharks, but he had a net in his hand and he caught the sharks all in his net and he ate them. Then he turned into a magic shark and he spit out the bubbles. Then he turned back into a bubble then he popped because the other sharks ate him.
The End.

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