17 September 2008

Yesterday, I was praying, nay begging God for something totally ridiculous that I don't need. Just over and over again. And, I walk in the kitchen without saying a word, and Ollie looks at me and says out of the blue, "mom, does God sometimes say 'no.'" I couldn't believe it. I asked why he brought it up, and he shrugged and bounced off. Okay, I get the message. Sometimes the answer is no....

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emily the mom said...

! love moments like that!
Yesterday I was worrying on about not being able to do all the things I'd like for others thanks to budget issues, etc, and thinking how others must think i'm lame for not being to help out....but then i came across this quote..

Live today as if there was no one to impress. Focus on God. Simply be.

yeah. that needs to be my mantra!