14 September 2008

Salute her when her birthday comes.

My birthday weekend in photo..

Mom and me at the Frist seeing Rodin, and trying not to act up with this guy as a tour guide. He kept making comments like, "are you smokin' it?"
O'Ray's soccer game.

Me later on that night...

Forcing the family into the wilderness..
Getting licked by baby deer (really, they were wild!)
Passing a field of sunflowers...

Playing in the wilderness

My birthday weekend was supposed to be spent here rocking out. The camp was canceled, and I had to make due with art museums, tequila, and camping out. As you can see from the above pictures taken with my fancy new camera, it WAS a great plan B. Muchas gracias, family.


Shug said...

WOW! I'm impressed that you have already put these good pictures out there! I had a great time and I think the boys did too. Happy Birthday! Love, Mom

Mandy said...

Yay! I'm sorry that your camp was canceled (maybe next year) but I'm glad that your birthday was a good one. That guy at the Frist is enough reason to motivate me to get there, and fast. I want him to ask me if I'm smokin' it.