28 September 2008

Sometimes I turn, there's someone there, other times it's only me

So the show last night was a treat. It weren't Rock n' Roll per say, but it did tickle my fancy. Trey Anasatasio (you know, the dude from Phish), played with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra. It was pretty quiet and respectful, and most people seemed to enjoy their symphonic trance. I would love to have the show to listen to at home. I enjoy classical music if I am doing something: reading, painting, cleaning, driving, anything. But, I have to admit that to just sit and stare at a scene that changes every so slightly from moment to moment with the raise of a bow-ehhh, not half as enthralling as watching the bud light bubbles pop at the bottom of my huge plastic cup. There was plenty of pent up energy oozing from the audience of ol' Trey fans, and some fratish boys sitting behind us cracked up when the symphony played what sounded like a Disney sound track piece (it WAS a bit funny). Now, I'm not sure, but I think that the symphony may not have had such an "enthusiastic" audience before, and they seemed to be pleased at the roaring applause. This format is a great match for Trey in many ways, as his music in general is beautifully orchestrated and full. So, enjoyable, yes, though I prefer to shake my tail feathers ifin' I pay for tickets...My favorite, was this song, done delicately and smoothly.

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