07 June 2008

Today on the countryside it was a-hotter than a crotch

BUT, the fireflies are out and I realized that I like kids. I used to hate babysitting, and I was never one to offer to hold your baby or try to make your kids laugh. I all but ignored friends' children feigning interest in their particular idiosyncrasies and developments. Now for a while, I have been fascinated by my own children and loving every minute of their particular ways, but I thought today about my attitude adjustment about other people's kids. I have felt this way for awhile. They are all interesting and imaginative and intrigued by life. They are so small and innocent and learning....Kids are cool. I will probably try to make your kid smile just for my own enjoyment when I see them. I will be honored to hold your baby, and I may even tear up a bit out of joy or sadness when I hear about the trials and tribulations of your little ones.
As summer chugs on we are wasting time winning t-ball games (O may even get his first trophy ever), splashing in the water, and teaching Spanish to anyone with moo-lah (that's not Spanish by the way).
Two random thoughts: I think making a shirt for a two-year old in which the zebra, rhino, and leopard prints are upside down so they can see it when they look down, is well, intuitive, child-centered, and smart.
Also, my bike ride's music tonight included this which reminded me to blog and how great JG is, and this which just struck my fancy. OH, and this is interesante y en espaƱol con Jerry.

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Mandy said...

I've been thinking the same thing lately... about actually liking kids for the most part! Of course, I particularly like my own. But even kids that belong to others are fine by me!